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I am the exact embodiment of my fears, all of my love, all of my dreams, and failures.

Nothing lives outside of me. So if someone asks me, "are you happy." I laugh and remind them that 'I am the embodiment of happiness."

Happiness doesn't have legs to stand on unless I lend 'it' mine.

Fear can not breathe unless I give it my breath and harbor it in the corners of my mind.

Joy exists from the crown of my head, radiates on my face, and drips down to my toes. I face the sun and feel the existence of joy.

I look to the horizon and see my dreams. Craving more, I fight the inner voices that tell me, "you are not enough and have been deemed unworthy." But, I am the embodiment of hope, and with hope, dreams become a practical reality.

I have weighed my failures, and the personal growth was worth it.

I am the embodiment of grit.

- Jessica Musgrave

Artist of J.M. Artwerks

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