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Death Comes for Us All

It has been a long time since I've last sat down to write a blog article - a function of time, circumstance, motivation, and a desire to share anything.

As such, I sit here in my comfy chair, with a bit of a head-cold, and a cup of coffee next to me, re-absorbing life as it has been for the past six months...

A life update, naturally follows - divorced at the beginning of the summer, moved back home with my parents, practically lived out of my truck the month of July traveling every weekend, paid my truck off, left my job of six years, and moved to a brand new city, state, job, and industry.

With the risk of starting a new life, I have sat back a time or two and wondered "what did I do, to get here?"

The answer could easily be about a dozen different things, however the one answer I can come back to, the one thing that nearly every person I've interviewed has said, is "just start."

Just start, seems incredibly simple, maybe to the point where oversimplification meets analysis paralysis... but that first step into the great unknown is the hardest. That first dance lesson, the first hangover in five years with an 0500 alarm clock to go duck hunting (for the first time). The first time you walk up to a gal at the bar and dance, the first time you are truly alone at night with no fail safe a drink in hand and the thought of "what did I do, to get here?"

Just start.

I write today, because the past few weeks I have taken "just start" to heart, and made more of a mantra out of it... "Death comes for us all" which tells me, I'm the only one responsible for starting the things I want to get out of life.

Today I write because the past few weeks have been up, and down, late nights and early mornings. Tough work days, low motivation, or high energy... but I have started to look at life as the adventure - done responsibly, but filling the gaps of time knowing I will die someday, and I need to take advantage of the time I have - with laughs, adventure, calculated risk, embarrassment, hard conversations, and a healthy dose of fear.

I write today, because my goal with this podcast, this blog, and my life experience - is not for me to feel good, but to share with you all what I am learning, and am no poster child for anything and share in a moment of clarity not a state of being... but all in an attempt to help you grow, live, and be happy too.

Today is a good day, tomorrow is unknown.

Death Comes for Us All



  1. The first step is the hardest

  2. As you learn, or once you learn - teach

  3. Everyone had their first time, and everyone is stoked to help you in yours

  4. Ask, be polite, absorb

  5. Hangovers suck

  6. Find accountability

  7. Find those that push you forward

  8. Reciprocatee

  9. We're all scared

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